Supported Browsers

Which browsers can I use with EnergyIQ?

EnergyIQ makes extensive use of AJAX, JavaScript, and CSS2.
EnergyIQ also uses cookies.

Please make sure that you have both Cookies and Javascript enabled for your browser. If you are not sure how to do this, look in your browser help.

EnergyIQ may not work well with every browser.
For the best experience, please use:
PCs: Firefox 4+ or Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome 11+
Macs: Firefox 4+ or Safari 5+, Chrome 11+, Opera 10+

Feedback or Problems Using EnergyIQ

Please review our Known Issues list before submitting a bug report.

I am having technical difficulties with the site (pages won't load, import/export problems, etc.).
Contact our tech support person, and please provide your login name if you are a registered user.
How do I submit a suggestion for a new feature or improvement to the tool?
Submit a feature request
I'm having trouble importing my data from Portfolio Manager.
Carefully review the instructions and tips here. If the problem persists, contact our project team.

Questions about EnergyIQ

What kind of buildings can be evaluated with this tool?
62 building types are available for California (CEUS) peer group and 51 building types for the U.S. (CBECS) peer group.
You use the term "median" a lot. Why, and how exactly does it differ from average?
In EnergyIQ, we typically use the median as a measure of central tendency for a set of benchmark data, rather than average (or "mean"). We use medians because they are less susceptible to skew from outliers. Read how to compute a median.
What does it cost to use this tool?
Use of the tool is free.
Who developed this tool?
See our EnergyIQ Team page.
Who funded the development of this tool?
  • The California Energy Commission, under its Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program.
  • The California Air Resources Board
Do I need permission to link to this site?
No, feel free.
Are the technical methods and assumptions documented?
Yes. You can find our documentation reports at the About page.
How do you protect my data?
Our privacy and security policies and procedures are posted here.
Is there a version of this tool for homes?
Yes, check out Home Energy Saver.
Are there utility programs and rebates to help me pay for upgrading my building?
Here are some resources Also check our Decision Support area for more information.
I have concerns or questions about my utility bills or service.
Please contact your local utility directly. We are independent of your utility and are not energy suppliers, but some utilities link to us in a way that makes it appear that they are hosting this tool.
Can I obtain the source code and modify the tool to meet my needs?
We offer a web service license that provides the functionality of source code and the ability to design your own user interface.
Is there a downloadable version that can run without the internet?
No, EnergyIQ is a web-based application.
Can I export or import my data to/from other tools?
Hosts of other tools can utilize our web service in order to create a routine for importing your EnergyIQ data to their tool. Conversely, we are working with other tool developers to allow import to EnergyIQ.
Does EnergyIQ generate an ENERGY STAR rating?
No, but we have a special data-transfer protocol so that data can be transferred/updated from EnergyStar Portfolio Manager into EnergyIQ.

User Guide

Read our full User Guide here.

If we still haven't answered your question, or you have feedback please email the project team.